Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who needs a gall bladder anyway?

Remember my previous post about my annual visit to the ER/hospital?  Well, I finally figured out the underlying problem.  My gall bladder.  I had a HIDA scan done and my gall bladder only has a 9% ejection fraction, meaning, it ain't working very good and needs to come out.  Normal gall bladders have a 35 to 80% ejection fraction.  Anything above or below that range is considered abnormal with the gall bladder needing to be removed.

I've talked to several people who have had their gall bladders out and it seems like a fairly routine operation.  I've talked to at least 20 people who have had their gall bladders out.  The more I talk about it, the more I realize how common it is.  Then I hear about John Murtha passing away after his gall bladder surgery.  I'm like, "Oh great.  I'm going to be the 1 in 1,000.  I got West Nile Virus, I'll probably die from this stupid surgery."  Such an optimist, I know.  I also found out on Monday that I had a case of strep throat and I'm currently on meds to wipe that out before my surgery.  I need to call the doctor and see what they have to say about it.  I just want to make sure the strep is gone before I get operated on.

Back to the gall bladder thing.  Ever since I found out that my gall bladder is bad, I've avoided fatty foods.  I've been avoiding fatty foods for years, but every now and again I'll indulge in a greasy peperoni pizza, or a large bowl of ice cream, only to be in agony several hours later.  But now that I KNOW it is bad, I've been staying away from that stuff like the plague.  And I've discovered that I feel a whole lot better.  No more massive bloating, cramps and other common nastiness.  I miss the occasional bowl of ice cream.  I miss a piece of sausage or bacon.  But I know that I'll be paying for it if I eat it.  So I refuse to partake.

So if you have gall bladder experiences, please share.

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