Monday, April 14, 2008

Time flies when you're busy

Two weeks from today is my wife's birthday. Two weeks from today I will be home with my family. I actually leave Cali on April 25th, so I have less than two weeks of my training left to do. Its hard to believe that the time went by so fast. The month of March I went home three times. The company paid for two of those trips. I paid for the third trip home. Since I'm not made of money, I decided to stay here and not go home until the end of April. I think that is better. It doesn't freak out my kids and I'm not so homesick.

So, how has it been? Busy. Stressful. If none of you have ever done technical support of a product that is mission critical, you don't know stress. Today was a good day. I took care of several people. Got them all fixed up. Its a good feeling. I was able to actually get caught up on my work. Last week was nuts. Slammed to the hilt. Today wasn't so bad. I've been told that later in the month it will get busier. I don't doubt it.

So when you're busy, time flies. That has been so very true. The days I'm busy, time goes fast. It doesn't drag on. You don't get bored. Its when you don't have anything constructive to do that time drags. And drags. And drags.

UPDATE: I'm finishing this blog entry out on April 22. I go home in three days!! Yea! I really can't wait to go home.