Thursday, November 6, 2008

President-Elect Obama - Best Wishes and Good Luck!

As I predicted, Senator Obama is now President-Elect Obama. Congratulations Mr. Obama for a well run campaign. You will inherit a war in Iraq, huge budget deficits, a sharply sagging economy, and foreign countries that will test your mettle. Sir, you have a hard job ahead of you. And even though I did not vote for you, I do wish you the very best at such a daunting task. I hope that your friends and supporters on election night will still be your friends and supporters in four years. Please remember to govern from the center. It will be better for you and for the country if that happens. In reality, you only have two years to get what you really want to do, done. That's because your party will hold power in the Congress and the White House. Don't squander it like the Clintons. Don't upset the middle class who helped put you there. If you do, your Democratic buddies in the House will be gone. And then your plans for change won't occur.

Again, I wish you the very best. Please spend time on your knees asking for devine assistance. I will be on mine asking that you be blessed with wisdom, knowledge and courage to do what is right.