Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hapy Mother's day!

To all the women in the world, single, married, divorced, or widowed, thank you for being a woman and thank you for all your thankless service.  To my school teacher cousin, you are a mother to many, many, many children for 20+ years.  Although things in your personal life may have not gone the way you expected them to go, you have been a good, positive, and uplifting influence in the lives of thousands of children that have been fortunate enough to go through your class.  Keep up the fine work.  I wish school teachers would get paid hazard duty pay for what they do because they have a thankless job.

The passing of Osama bin Laden

Last week the United States went into Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden.  I wish no man dead.  However, sometimes it is a relief to find out that certain people are no longer among the living.  To me, Mr. bin Laden is one of those people.  To certain people he is a hero and a martyr.  His death will only ignite added hatred to the United States.  To me, he is a terrorist that masterminded the deaths of many thousands of US citizens.  He is an evil man who will have to account for his actions, just like the rest of humanity.  However, I am glad that I am not Mr. bin Laden as I would not want to have to account for his actions.  I have done many stupid things in my life.  However, his actions are not actions I would want to account for to my maker.

Long ago when Mr. bin Laden escaped justice and got away from American forces, I said that it will be a matter of time before the US finds him and takes him out.  He is like a pesky gopher in your yard.  Ever elusive and hard to find and kill.  But one day that gopher will pop up and he will be taken care of.  That day arrived for Mr. bin Laden last Sunday when that special ops team showed up and did their job.  To that team of Navy Seals, I thank you for your act of bravery and for your professionalism.  Thank you for going into harms way and doing your job.  In my book, you are heroes and you would be welcome at my house for dinner any time.  Words cannot adequately summarize my gratitude for the fine men and women of the United States Armed Forces and for the tough job that they have keeping our country safe.  I hope that you find my pathetic attempt of gratitude acceptable.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for being there and literally putting your life on the line daily.