Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Annual visit to the ER

Seems like I end up in the ER at least once a year for chest pains.  So this year was no different. 

We had a New Year's party.  I was up with my friends.  Eating things I knew would do bad things to my body.  Midnight came.  The guests left.  We cleaned up and went to bed.

I could not go to sleep.  No way.  No how.  I felt like crap.  I had pressure in my chest.  Finally at around 4AM, I woke the wife up and we went to the ER.  On the way there, things started to feel better, but I still thought it would be a good idea to check in and get checked out.

I went in there.  They drew blood.  Did an EKG.  Did all sorts of stuff.  Everything looked good.  But after about five or six hours, they decided to admit me just in case.  More blood tests.  Heart enzymes looked good.

Long story short, the heart is OK.  And I didn't have a heart attack afterall.  They did a stress test (now I feel like an Obama bank) on me and it looked good.  So I've been cleared for exercise.  So what's causing the pain?  1.)  Heartburn (?)  2.)  Possible bad gall bladder.  For the burn, I've got a prescription for some mighty good acid reflux meds.  For the gall bladder, I've got to have some more expensive tests run to see if it needs to come out or not.  I suspect that my gall bladder is probably acting up.  And I wouldn't be surprised if it has been bad for a while.  As long as I eat fairly decent, I can get away with it.  But when I eat crap, I have pressure in the chest.

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