Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas traditions

So what's a blog without Christmas traditions.  I was thinking, what would Christmas be without traditions?  So here is a list of things that we try to do every year.

  • We try to give things to a family who is in need.  Or we go in with another family.
  • A bunch of my neighbors and our family goes Christmas caroling.  We usually sing to the older couples, the sick, the widows, or older single women.
  • Christmas eve, we read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ from the Bible.
  • The kids get to open up one present.  The present they get to open is a pair of home made flannel pajamas.  They put their new pajamas on and go to bed.
  • Christmas morning, I make my kids go into the kitchen.  I usually make a killer breakfast.  We eat breakfast before opening up presents.  The kids really hate me for this.  This is a tradition that started with my family.
  • After breakfast I make the kids go downstairs and line up in front of the door.  It is youngest to oldest (shortest to tallest).  The youngest is in front.  This is a tradition my parents started when I was a kid.
  • After photos, the kids check out their stockings.
  • After stockings, the kids get to see their Santa gifts.
  • After Santa gifts, the kids get to open their own presents.  Since Christmas is being funded by cash this year, it means there will be few presents under the tree.  I am totally OK with that.
  • We spend the rest of the day hanging out and the kids play with their new shiny toys.
That's it. My parents or mother-in-law (my father-in-law passed away five years ago) usually comes to our house.  Or my mother-in-law may spend the night with us.  This year my mother-in-law will be spending the night with us.

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