Friday, December 18, 2009

Can you see what I see?

One of the coolest military weapons are the Predator drones that the US flies over countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  The drone is a small aircraft that is used by the US military to fly reconnaissance over an area.  You can get real data on where you're flying.  They are cheap.  The pilot is far away and safe.  So if one gets shot down, no big deal.  No pilot to go and rescue.  You would think that the video feed between the drone and the person flying the drone would be encrypted, safe, and secure.  Well, guess what?  It isn't.  Yup.  It is in the clear.  Kind of like using a telnet or ftp connection across a network.  Not very secure.  Here's the link to the full story:

Funny thing is that I never heard this story in the US.  The US media either ignored it or covered it up.  Nothing like showing Osama the video of where we're flying so he can stay well away from those areas.  Reminds me of WWII when the British had German Enigma machines and the Brits knew exactly what Germany was going to do.

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