Monday, May 10, 2010

21 merit badges done - 1 Eagle project to go...

My son is 16 and he has been a Life scout for who knows how long.  Last Friday my son had 20 merit badges.  On Saturday he earned his 21st merit badge, the required minimum for him to obtain his Eagle Scout award.  Yahoo!!!

Last week he also presented to the board his proposed Eagle project.  They verbally approved his project, but he has to rewrite the project, give more details as to what he wants to do, clean it up (type it up) and then resubmit it for official approval.  Hopefully we can get him to complete this assignment this week so he can get his project done this summer.

I sure hope that he makes it to Eagle.  I'd still love him even if he didn't make it.  And regardless of where he is at, he is really a good, solid kid.  But in today's world, when he has to compete against the best of the best, it looks really good to have Eagle scout as one of his list of accomplishments.  And for his sake, I really hope that he pulls through and gets the Eagle ranking.

I have a breather from boys and then I've got three boys in a row.  I'm glad my oldest is a boy so that we can figure out this whole scouting thing.  I personally never made it to even Tenderfoot.  Oh well.  We've figured out that we need to get the other boys to 1st or 2nd Class by the time they hit 12, or something like that.  And then make sure those boys are Eagle scouts by the time they are 14ish.  That way they can move on and not have this scouting thing hanging over their heads.

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A Paperback Writer said...

I had one former student who was racing up to the Boy Scout Office outside the U of U to hand in his Eagle paperwork at 4:45 PM (they closed at 5:00) the day before his 18th birthday. But then, this is the same kid who used to do ALL his English work during the last week of the term (I've changed my rules since then.).
I've also had several boys who had their Eagles before they turned 14.
Scouting's a pretty good thing, but I still think the adults should earn an award for making their kids do it all. Best of luck to Son #1 AND the two parents in getting this accomplished.