Monday, March 26, 2007

New camera - Pentax K10D

I currently own two film cameras. I own an old Pentax ME Super (hasn't been used in at least a decade, if not longer) and a Pentax PZ-1P. Although the PZ-1P is showing its age, it is a great film camera. I hate to give up film, but the cost of purchasing film and the processing is getting expensive. And since I'm a computer guy, I want to import my images without using a scanner or purchasing a photo CD. Also, I typically end up with a lot of OK photos. With digital, I can delete what I don't want or use.

I have finally decided to go digital as in digital SLR. I really want a Canon 5D, but that camera is close to $3,000 and I have no Canon glass to use with it. And you have to use good glass on the 5D or else you're wasting your money. A good friend of mine suggested that I continue with Pentax because of my investment in glass. So I looked at the current Pentax DSLR lineup and I have decided that the K10D is the camera I want. Its also the most expensive Pentax DSLR camera that Pentax currently has to offer. But the features are very nice and it is highly recommended on some internet sites that review cameras.

Pentax sells the K10D as a kit, but I'm not very thrilled with the accompanying glass. Pentax will be releasing a new star lens, which is the smc DA * 16-50mm F2.8 ED/AL (IF) SDM. What does all that mean? It means that for about $900, you get one heck of a lense. Too bad the glass has not yet released (due out April 2007, or so I've been told). Only problem is that I don't have $900 to burn on new glass. Maybe Pentax will read my blog and sponsor me. One could only wish.

So do I own a Pentax K10D? No, not yet. But I hope to have a copy some time this year.

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