Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy with changes - The movie 42

Life has been busy crazy since the last time I wrote.  Work has been busy crazy.  Always something to do and really never enough time to get it done.  Kids are in school and consume copious amounts of time to go and support them at their events.  Church comes a calling and you spend time there for the benefit of those that are around you...

This weekend was one of those rare moments that you get where you actually feel like you had a weekend.  Friday, we were scheduled to have some friends over.  Things didn't work out so that little get together got postponed until Sunday, which was a really good thing.  My wife and I haven't had a date in a while and so we went and saw a movie.  The movie we saw:  42 - The Jackie Robinson Story.

Short movie review:  Great movie.  Go and see it.  Reward the movie studio with lots of money so they make more inspiring movies like this instead of the garbage they've been making for the last 12 months.  It makes you appreciate how far society has come since the late 1940s.  Highly recommended.  Warning:  If you are offended by the use of the "N" word, then you will be offended by this movie.  It is probably time to grow up and take the diapers off and grow a little bit thicker skin.  The use of the "N" word is to show how disgustingly racist people were in the 1940s.  If you can overcome your "N" word sensitivity, this is a powerful movie which shows the determination of a young black man and a bunch of white men who are willing to endure hatred to start bringing blacks into professional baseball.  Truly groundbreaking.  Harrison Ford does a great job in this movie.  One of the best Hollywood movies I've seen in a long time.  And I'm serious about making this a box office hit.  If the public will support good movies like this, then we won't have a Scary Movie XV in the year 2025 or Saw XXXII.

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