Monday, June 28, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag


My wife and I have been concerned about the kids.  We have some pretty cool stuff for the kids (one iPod Shuffle, one rather large TV, BluRay player, tons of movies, one serious gaming computer, game console, trampoline, motorcycle, bicycles, books, etc.), but we have limits on what our kids can do with said fun stuff.  We don't want the kids to turn into couch potatoes and play video games and watch TV all day.  So the missus and I were talking.  And we were grousing about how we feel our kids go to friends' houses and do things that we don't allow them to do whenever they want at our house.  The electronics are permitted on Friday afternoons after chores are completed and sometime Saturday, depending on what we've got going on.

So Saturday we decided to do something unusual.  I called around and found a pretty good deal on a new Honda 4-wheeler.  So we went.  We drove.  And we purchased.  Like the sales guy said, "I'm sorry to inform you, but you're the owner of a new 4 wheeler..."  Funny guy.

Saturday I put an hour of time on it and 8 miles.  Today I rode it before and put another hour of time on it and rode 9 miles.  I had to break in the motor.  Break-in time is the first 15 miles, so I had to make sure it was broken-in correctly.  Needless to say, I had one heck of a time on it.  I just hope I feel the same way over the next xx years as I pay it off.

Now we've just added to our debt, but I feel like this is something that we can do as a family (sort of).  I've got an old XR200R dirt bike and it runs pretty good.  With the 4-wheeler, we can now do doubles or even have two people ride on the 4-wheeler and one person on the bike.  So it is something I can do with my older kids and some of my younger kids too.

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