Monday, July 27, 2009

Lighting photos and star shots

Two days ago we had a pretty spectacular light show. I've taken photos before of the light show and they've turned out pretty good. But I couldn't take a decent lightning strike if my life depended on it. Check out this example:

See the lightning? Yeah, it over on the far right hand of the picture. I was taking 30 second exposures and I was just not getting the shot. The camera was taking around 30 seconds to process the image. Literally, the shutter would click and a bolt of lighting would strike right in the middle of my frame! AAARRRGGHH!!! In this case I got something, but it was not in the frame of view. The photos were blurry with lots of noise. Very disappointing. I probably spent two hours trying to grab a shot.

So I started doing the bulb thing (holding the shutter open until I got a strike) and that still wasn't getting what I wanted. Here's another lame photo:

The sky was getting lit up by lightning, but nothing was getting captured in the frame.

Overall, disappointing. I guess I keep trying.

I also tried my hand at the stary night. This one is probably my best one. Notice the aircraft flying past my field of view:

This photo should be rotated 90 degrees, but I don't know how to do that. So here it is. Hopefully you can see something.

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