Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vonage, partial redemption (but they still stink)

I still think that Vonage stinks. But I finally found someone who cared a little bit. I poked around their site and found this link about contacting the Vonage Board of Directors. The link (as of today - June 13, 2009) is . You can fill out your grievance and send it in. I was still ticked off for being charged that one month and they refunded that charge. But they did not budge on the $40 disconnect fee. Will I still use them? No way. Why should I have to contact the board of directors in order to get a refund for something that a frontline customer service representative should be able to take care of? And why the heck should I have to pay a $40 disconnect fee? That's just lame. I'll just stick with my local phone company. At least the sound quality is decent. And at least there is the state public utility commission that stays on top of the phone companies. Vonage doesn't have that state oversite, so they can jack you over like no tomorrow.

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